Sunday, November 21, 2010


Park Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif.

A man's lure tactic: alcohol or a costumed figure
Statuesque Miss K's
A meaty Lawry's dinner
Randall Park Plaza was the host of the evening
Chan Ho Park pitched verbal diarrhea
Insert here
The interns made it out alive!

Since Audrey Magazine is KoreAm Journal's sister publication, we interns got the chance to help out and dine at the same time for the publication's 20th anniversary and Unforgettable gala's 10th anniversary. To give you a better portrait of the enormousness of the event, I wore foundation and fake eyelashes for the first time. Melody and I did have to assist both Miss Koreas with raffle ticket sales. It was a drag to be walking amidst good looking figures, but overall, it was a pleasure to be both behind the scenes and out there.

Lawry's dinner, celebrities, performances, gift bags, red carpet, after party, decor and more .

Prominent figures like Grace Park, Chan Ho Park and Juju Chang along with presenters Lindsay Price, Amerie, Lisa Ling and more joined in the celebration of the Asian community's achievements.

By the end of the night..well, let's just say it was Unforgettable, but I'm sure others' hippocampus weren't functioning as well.

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