Friday, September 9, 2011

"I don't want to destroy your tank top, let's be friends and just walk away." - Weezer's "Undone"

There were too many modelesque citizens at LA FNO that I couldn't catch 'em all! The rest were mingling among their little circles or just plain unapproachable.. but I managed to snap some horrible quality photos of the lux style choices:

Sir Mac
Cut out so in!
Phillip Lim at Phillip Lim
Chanel at Chanel

Monday, September 5, 2011

"I can run away and leave you here to stay inside dreaming." - Cults' "Oh My God"

A sporadic account in less than one breath:

Millions.. well too many hepstahs scoured through the Los Angeles Historic Park for the annual FYF Fest to honor the musical dust bowl of the decade. Oliver Twists traveled in packs while dancing in circles, never minding anything but the music and other bare necessities. Oh, and the Bear Republic flag hovered over a few teen boys to mark their every location. Oh, and dead (or just dirty) babies on a stick moved in a disorderly fashion.

Smith Westerns were adorbs and entertaining lolito boys. Their three moneymaker songs, according to frontman Cullen Omori, included sensually rifted and lyrically charming hit “The Weekend.” Like fellow vamp Cullen, he was pale with brunette hair and Elvis noodleg moves.

Cult’s lead vocalist Madeline Follin sang more baby than usual. The Columbia Record deal has probably gone to her mop head. The ‘60s love goddess tra-la-la’d to old songs like “Oh My God” and “Go Outside” and new songs “Abducted.”

I was complete after these two. I’ve either already seen the rest of the musicians or just no longer wanted to. But I’m glad I stayed and got blown away by Nosaj Thing. The lanky Korean American killed the stage with hypnotic visuals that added to the trance-inducing electronic sounds of perfection and bliss. Chilly outdoors + the chills!

Simian Mobile Disco brought the glow sticks and dance groove circles. The hexagon lights and sound mixer in the center only amplified “Hustler,” “Cruel Intentions,” “Sleep Deprivation.” The audience would withhold the applause in order to protest for more. This is where I saw men take out their plastics and took the last of their fungi.

Four Tet was near the porta potties.. what a picnic!

Girls had an intimate love song session with a mix of people and soul backup singers, such as a man as tall as a lighthouse. They opened with hit “Lust for Life,” “Laura” and old songs. They also ended with an old song heart wrenching and epic “Hellhole Ratrace.”

This year’s fest is a leap from the previous years in that it no longer looks like a hipster internment camp of people waiting in line for the restroom, foods and water fountains. I’ve been going for the last three years, free of charge, and it surely has kicked the dusty previous year in the keister! For the record, I've been pretty sober from beginning to end.

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