Monday, October 24, 2011

Q&A with terrarium jewelry designers

A 2010 interview with industrial and interior designer Hafsteinn Juliusson

How do you phonetically pronounce your name?

It would be something like this for English speakers: Hafstaidn Youliusson.

What is your occupation?

Design director at HAF

How would you describe your design concepts from the edible Slim Chips to the exhibition on wheels?

They are lighthearted and fun with an important message.

How are the Growing Project's concept and physical items themselves being kept alive?

It's up to the owner of the jewelry to take care of the plants, and to replace them once they die. [Growing Jewelry] itself is all about reconnecting people with nature and embracing your own nature as it being the real value in life.

Like with Growing Project, how do you enable your creativity to flourish?

Through people and concepts. It's a nice job to be a designer, but the main thing that motivates me is to relate to society with my creations. I like to see [my projects] come alive.

A recent interview with Brooklynite photographer Sharon Goldberg.

Tell us a little about yourself.

To start off, my name is Sharon and I live in Brooklyn, NY. Besides creating With Roots, I am a photographer and photo retoucher. You can find my photo work here. I love riding my bike, traveling everywhere and taking fun photos of my friends being ridiculous.

How did With Roots come about?

With Roots was born in January of 2011 when I was making customized terrariums for a close friend's birthday. He loved the terrariums so much, he told me he wished he could wear them! For some reason that sentence lingered in my head, and I figured out a way to make it happen.

Have you seen Hafsteinn Juliusson's Project Grow from last year?

Yes! Their stuff is amazing! Since I've started With Roots, many friends have sent me links to other variations of live jewelry, and there is some fantastic and creative stuff out there.

Would you say that you have a green thumb?

I like to think I have a green thumb. I think I get it from my mom; her house is full of plants and lots of orchids. She is amazing when it comes to having a green thumb.

Have you thought about making rings?

I'd love to make rings! I've been searching out ways to make it possible for a while now. Nothing has struck me as just the right idea yet, but I'm working on it!

Do you have a favorite flower?

My absolute favorite flower is lilac. Growing up, we had a huge lilac tree on the side of our house. They're only in bloom for about two weeks out of the whole year, making them extra special.

*Photos from HAF and Sharon Goldberg

Friday, October 7, 2011

pal mixtape

Originally titled PALMS, but the track list wouldn't have been easy listening. I still dedicate this mixtape to all the mothers out there with MS or young boys with Cerebal palsy. I don't know of any, but like these songs by animal-themed bands, I've heard of them. Soundcloud

1 Big Spider's Back - Don't Make Me Laugh
2 Miniature Tigers - The Very Thought of You (Cover)
3 Giraffage - Moments
4 Beaver & Krause - Changes
5 Moths - Hearts
6 Glowbug - Where Is My Mind? (Cover)
7 Sondre Lerche - Modern Nature
8 Miniature Tigers - Cannibal Queen
9 Deerhunter - Desire Lines
10 Beach House - Zebra
11 Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum
12 Little Dragon - Blinking Pigs
13 Pandr Eyez - Little Bit
14 Gold Panda - I'm With You But I'm Lonely