Friday, May 25, 2012

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A session with Dana Boulos

Artist, model Dana Boulos advocates for both women and good taste. The 22-year-old is undoubtedly a woman of the world, being a cusp of both a Sagittarius and Scorpio, as well as being fluent in languages from Arabic to French.

Dana Boulos via

Cubtrina: Where have you lived? How have experiences in these places opened your mind to Los Angeles?
Dana Boulos: I've lived in London, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Paris, Spain and Morocco. I’m currently in LA now. [Living in these places have] taught me to really explore and to appreciate different cultures. The people, for sure, are what I miss from all the crazy places I've lived. Now you understand why I speak so many different languages.

C: When were you first published? Do you have an editorial you're most proud of?
DB: I first got published in VICE for the Photo issue with a female collective group I'm so proud to be apart of called The Ardorous. I'm super excited over my last photo shoot titled  "Aliana Il Dolce" with my best friend Aliana Lohan who is from Next models.

C: What's your camera of choice?
DB: I only use Canon. My favorite camera is Canon [PowerShot] G11.

The Ardorous: High School Lover Photo No. 13

C: Since you own and operate online shop Petit Lapin, do you have any favorite online stores yourself?
DB: I love Collette. When I lived in Paris, I would go there every day. But since I'm in LA, I only shop online with them now. [My other favorites are] NastyGalCobrashopFaline TokyoBadlands 777Fairground and Motel Rocks.

C: Is there an article of clothing from your childhood that you've since kept?
DB: Yes! I've kept this cool Limited Too top that has Japanese handwriting on it, and these sick Moschino boots I wore when I was 12.

C: If you could design a print for a blouse on the spot, what would it look like?
DB: I would probably do some cool typography type of print, like street handwriting graffiti print! (Coming soon to Petit Lapin!)

The Ardorous: Stazia Photo No. 13

C: What's your snack of choice?
DB: Artichoke.

C: Would you consider yourself an advocate for anything? Tell us more about it:
DB: I'm all about the feminism movement, which explains why I'm a part of The Ardorous. And I'm a strong believer in positive thinking.

C: As you grow older and more knowledgeable, have humans, in general, been any more easier to understand?
DB: Hahaha. no actually humans are always going to be a mystery to me, but then again that’s the beauty of it: not understanding.