Monday, June 28, 2010


The rave scene is absolutely kitsch, but I absolutely love free stuff. EDC was a bit crazy; a God-sent all access pass, all you can drink, and being an adopted kidnap victim. I'm not sure if I'm ready to release my article yet (seeing that I, myself, just got released..kidding..not), but here's a photo. If you were rolling, then I was probably throwing turkey sandwiches at you. I don't care if you're vegan. It's not a Jesus allusion by the way!

Asia: Macao (pt. 6)

There are no Macaws in Macau, but the Chinese, Portuguese and others.

Kun Iam and therapy make miracles happen

They must be best buds

I couldn't get a panoramic view

A family that stays together

Todd Bridges before his addiction

Local tourists

Halloween Jews

Asia: Va a China (pt. 5)

Shenzhen, China. The image that really struck me was when we drove next to a van that harbored poor farmers who came to the city in hopes of more opportunities (to make a living). The man's gaze brought me to tears. I hope there is hope for them, but fat chance! Fat chan, lucky chan. Laki tsan!

China + India = world domination

This is a signal to show Chairman Mao how much I love China

This is a testament to how maneuverably savvy Asians are, pt. 4

Wind and hair everywhere

It's really not a cigarette, otherwise I'd be decapitated

Loosey goosey

The remake of Mulan

Even their domesticated animals are a bit chinky

Wrong calculations man. At this rate, only your head will fly off.

Big tomatoes

Not lady boys

Man trees

Major lazer


In case of a conflagration bigger than Godzilla and King Kong and Donkey Kong

Mr. Blue Sky

I should submit this to National Geographic Magazine for them to snub me

A testament to how maneuverably savvy Asians are, pt. 5

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Asia: Hong Kong in a phooey

Hong Kong has 37 more years until China takes over. They are scared shitless to say the least.

They can't have too many Chinatowns in Asia
Bipolar bears
Floating restaurant
Discovering Asia
Dogs just like to smell other dog's butts
This clown is just enjoying himself
SL//\\SH / McLuvin?

Asia: Malaysia

I had too many doppelgängers in Malaysia. This place is a melting pot of Asians, too though.

A testament to how maneuverable savvy Asians are pt. 3

Melacca's oldest temple

On guard

It's a facade

Robots in disguise

This primate chased after me after I tried to take its banana peel

Coo coo cachoo!

Resorts World Genting

Legends of the hidden temple

Chop suey

All hail


The motorcycle diaries

Petron(as) Towers

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Asia: Singapura

This country clogged my pores, so this is exactly what I had to do: singha. Joke lang. What a fine country. Next up: Malaysia

Can you be the savior and destroy the enemy fleet?
That is one big boat!
What a squirter!