Monday, June 28, 2010

Asia: Va a China (pt. 5)

Shenzhen, China. The image that really struck me was when we drove next to a van that harbored poor farmers who came to the city in hopes of more opportunities (to make a living). The man's gaze brought me to tears. I hope there is hope for them, but fat chance! Fat chan, lucky chan. Laki tsan!

China + India = world domination

This is a signal to show Chairman Mao how much I love China

This is a testament to how maneuverably savvy Asians are, pt. 4

Wind and hair everywhere

It's really not a cigarette, otherwise I'd be decapitated

Loosey goosey

The remake of Mulan

Even their domesticated animals are a bit chinky

Wrong calculations man. At this rate, only your head will fly off.

Big tomatoes

Not lady boys

Man trees

Major lazer


In case of a conflagration bigger than Godzilla and King Kong and Donkey Kong

Mr. Blue Sky

I should submit this to National Geographic Magazine for them to snub me

A testament to how maneuverably savvy Asians are, pt. 5

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