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Monday, October 21, 2013

Culture Collide 2013 Day 1 + 2: Maya Vik, Plastic Plates, et. all

Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Days 1 + 2 on October 17 + 18, 2013 all throughout Echo Park

Some of my pals and I did not make it out the last day, but here are impaired Days 1 and 2. 

Norweigan band Maya Vik 
 (Photo taken by Tony Ung ^)

The other side of Taix
Plastic Plates
To the window! And thanky New Amsterdam!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A session with Just Chris

"I used to be called Tiny, but Tinie Tempah's cousin actually told me to change my name," says Chris Brew who currently goes under the moniker Just Chris.

The UK-born-and-based musician has been in the game for less than two years, but he’s anything but a newbie. 

He delves in musical ghostwriting, but he vows his silence regarding clients.

"I don't wanna mess up my money," the 19-year-old adds.
How long have you been producing music and writing lyrics?
I've been producing music for less than two years. Prior, my timing was off, and all my beats would come out terrible. I started writing lyrics way before I made beats, though. I used to write and write, until I thought this is enough. I never knew how to construct a verse properly, until I watched Chipmunk’s “Who Are You'' music video. I counted the lines he rapped and realized it was 16 bars or lines then a chorus. To be honest, writing was the best way for me to vent because I was going through a lot of stuff. There was no way to air it out, so I would just bottle it up until I’d pour it all out on paper (or on the notepad on my laptop) at night.

Would you consider it an advantage or disadvantage to be a young musician?
I think it's an advantage because If I was around 30, and I had just started making music and releasing demos, I don't think anyone would even take me seriously especially as a rapper. In the comments they'd probably be like 'N-word you're 30, and you're still holding on to them pipe dreams. Let it go.' But because I'm kinda young, it's easier. People see there’s room for improvement. Even if my first song is rubbish, they'd say to themselves “this kid has got time to grow and develop.” However, I do feel because I'm under 20, I still have to gain people's respect in a way.

How do you think your childhood affected your current endeavors?
I grew up in East London where Grime originated, so I was more into Grime artists like Ghetts (formerly Ghetto), Nasty Crew, Pay As You Go, Wiley & Crazy Titch. Those guys were like the hood heroes to me. I never used to listen to American music, but my sister's dad bought two albums, which were Jay-Z's The Blue Print 2 and 50 Cent's The Massacre. I used to bang those albums out daily. I lived on a council estate* so everyone’s hobby was football. There was this beautiful football cage in the middle of the estate, and everyone would come out and we'd have tournaments or play Wembley or 60 Seconds. The funny thing is, I never even wanted to be a rapper or make music at all. I wanted to be a professional footballer and I slyly still do, hahah.

Do you have any guilty pleasure tracks you listen to?
I don't know if this is a guilty pleasure, but I'd say most Calvin Harris songs.

As a lyricist, what words do you live by?
''So I live by a real simple philosophy, if you stay grounded, watch God keep giving you reasons not to be.'' It's a Joe Budden lyric from the song “Get Up.” It's probably my favorite lyric of all time. 

What are some of your projects in the works?
I got this song called “King” produced by my childhood friend Tichy T. It's probably the biggest track to date I've ever recorded--think like a 2017 Kanye. It's futuristic. It's incredible, and it will be the lead single off my forthcoming EP Poor & Poetic.
Any closing words?
The world needs to know I'm coming (not like in a you-know-what way), but like I am so ready to dethrone a couple people

Shoutout to Tich, Flame, Ace & Rizz. Big up to everyone that's supported!

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For Just Chris' Soundcloud, click here.