Saturday, December 31, 2011

'I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.'

Ryan Mcginley

Anamnesis, MOFO!

Simply put, I don't feel like reflecting all too much at the moment. I'm afraid if I didn't say it, nothing would've come out anyway. I've definitely lost a few brain cells, and maybe my mind during some instances in 2011. My brain can no longer pick up on time- it thinks that any event before September is a thing of 2010. Ironically, I've managed to live in the moment, though. This was the first year I didn't travel by plane at all. This was also the first year I got to legally purchase two buck Chuck. I got my first paycheck shortly after. Then I learned that my actions may have direct consequences after being pulled over for the first time (down the hill). I learned to take action about the true nature of 2012 strangers. I also got to befriend many modern renaissance beings. I've taken a stab, a shot, a swing [literal blow (to the head)], among other things!

And now, I hope that we don't all lose our lives in 2012! If you were to ask me why, it's because I'm finally living! What, am I going to die short of one year's old? Strange, in my 2010 NYE post, I claimed I've been living on earth like a macaw "perusing the earth for over one hundred years," though.

But between all these stereotypical monumental moments were seriously some of the best revelations of my life thus far. You had to be there. I've decided not to include photos because I don't want some tourist trap Madame Tussaud wax figure portraying the real thing, okay! I lied, I'm just too lazy to pick and choose.

Before I go vague, I think it's best if I start focusing more in 2012 and separating myself from oodles of idleness. That means staying away from you! No, but I really want to amp up my productivity to match my ambitiousness.

P.S. Brain, please make a conscious effort to remember to forget that my Future Me email is going to be delivered tomorrow. Ah, adieu!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Made this yesterday. My first attempt at a video for music on iMovie. It's just not the same as Final Cut Pro, but I'm no pro.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LB Boutiques: Imonni

Store Imonni (2106 E 4th St)
Model Yoshi Sudarso
Photos Me

With less than 30 minutes, we had to make do with doodoo (circumstances).