Monday, August 30, 2010

Underprivileged kids say the darnest things!

Vanguard, Hollywood, Calif.
A meet and greet, cept no one wanted to meet me
Oh, the irony
Skull and bones, thugs and harmony
Just like Disneyland!
"What channel is this going to be on?" / "Do you have a mirror?" said the boy.
The talking heads
Honest Tea
"That's disgusting!" said the kids. "You don't look too good," said the tweens.
This kid is not possessed or on any meds.
Barbie Q

Three consecutive days of partying and a holy volunteer event the last four days concluded my overall mania-induced summer vacation. Here's what I posted on the DM blog, and of course, it's pretty droll and censored:

Presented by All Points Worldwide in association with Barracuda Hair and After-School All-Stars, the first annual KOOL KIDS Back to School Fair took place Sunday in Hollywood to provide services for hundreds of local underprivileged kids in grades 5-9.
The services included gift-giving, DJ lessons, nutritional foods, sports activities, manicures, haircuts, picture-taking, a magic show and more from sponsors who included Creative Recreation, Dim Mak, Honest Tea, Nicole by OPI, Scion, Sensible Portions and other companies.
At the Dim Mak booth, the kids were given a lesson on the history of the record label and instructed how to scratch by DJ Hyphy Crunk, DJ Dan Oh and DJ Metric. Afterwards, everyone was free to warm up to some tunes and participate in the dance contest to showcase their talents and win some prizes — but mainly, they won over our hearts.
Overall, the kids got the material they needed to be prepared for the new school year, whether it be with their school supplies or a boost in their confidence. The message was clear because they transformed from cheerful kids to gracious and delighted students geared up for the classroom.
Even though the event was small, it was created by people with big hearts, and thus really made a lasting impression on the children. I can even see some becoming a Kid Millionaire themselves in the near future!

For more photos, click here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cash in on fash-in

I heard alotta Girls.
Embellishments to embezzle.
I wood buy.
Hand-dyed, RIP

Today I took a 5AM jog in desperation of curing a sleepless night. Too late, because I found myself driving to WeHo by 8:45AM. I already sweat my balls off while standing, so I pretty much died today while setting up and packing up all my merch and equipment by myself in the sun-kissing-and-raping rays. As a first-time and last minute seller at Space 15 twenty, I didn't make as much as I wanted, but I made great pals and potential customers for the seven hours spent there. Never depend on anyone, only Depends. In order to fill my bank account, my melted self proceeded to Wasteland and made the most sales ever at $109.20! Thank you buddy, who looks like a milder John Galliano.

A few happy customers.