Monday, August 16, 2010

Cash in on fash-in

I heard alotta Girls.
Embellishments to embezzle.
I wood buy.
Hand-dyed, RIP

Today I took a 5AM jog in desperation of curing a sleepless night. Too late, because I found myself driving to WeHo by 8:45AM. I already sweat my balls off while standing, so I pretty much died today while setting up and packing up all my merch and equipment by myself in the sun-kissing-and-raping rays. As a first-time and last minute seller at Space 15 twenty, I didn't make as much as I wanted, but I made great pals and potential customers for the seven hours spent there. Never depend on anyone, only Depends. In order to fill my bank account, my melted self proceeded to Wasteland and made the most sales ever at $109.20! Thank you buddy, who looks like a milder John Galliano.

A few happy customers.

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