Friday, September 24, 2010

F, NO!

Fashion's Night Out Los Angeles, Calif.

Unsweet victory! The Beverly Center and Melrose didn't have much to show or give, I tell ya! These male flingers definitely deterred us from getting the cotton candy at Chinese Laundry on time. The vendor pulled out [of the store] right when we turned around.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Downtown L.A., Calif.

If you like nothing but heat, dust and lines, then FYF Fest aka Summer Hipster Minor Concentration Camp is definitely for you. It's like Coachella preparatory school.
Besides seeing many familiar faces, I'm sure many bad trippers thought I was the crimson devil. I guess hipsters don't like to dabble in red. I did see Sonic the Hedgehog running around after rings, though!
After Local Natives ended their set with "Airplanes," "Who Knows, Who Cares" and "Sun Hands," I was good to go. I got lost for a while, but thank goodness I was adopted.
The sky should read, "Relive sh1t" for next year's FYF Fest
Being stoop kid
The "BuuUuh" part in "Airplanes"
C-r-a-f-t spells.
The topless Asian boy who took this was drunk and not associated with any of us.
Apocalypse now!
Render and round em up