Sunday, January 22, 2012

'And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all.'

The inaugural L.A. Affordable Art Fair soft opening at the event deck of L.A. Live on Jan. 17 showcased artwork from galleries all over the world! It was unfair how unaffordable the contemporary pieces were at $100 - $10,000, but artists gotta make a living through original work, too.

P.S. Canada's Feral Fine Art and Culver City's Thinkspace gallery were fresh to depth! Toy Art Gallery artist Dave Bondi helped define the lines of toy art production for me, too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A dyslexic guy walks into a bra

Kept my fingers crossed for Cole Mohr or Francisco Lachowski to show up on set, but got so much more from assisting the stylists anyway.

The photo shoot had one female model; one estate in Pasadena; two stylists and trailers; three days; 10+ looks; 30+ crew members, hundreds of clothing, accessories, shoes and bags; thousands of mileage and tens and thousands of dollars.

Like any production with a disposable budget, time, money and people were exhausted, leaving the last of the energy reserves for usage. I am deeply sickened of the wastefulness with the exception of the yummy catering service by LOVE and the crew.

With all the (dis)gusto aside, the people on set were all very receptive and for the most part, either Briton, East Coaster or other. Some were crude and plain-stakingly hilarious. Here's an example of the gay Joan Rivers on set:

GJR: I'd rather fly from New Jersey to L.A. than drive from San Diego to L.A. I'd shit in my pants. I'd need Depends, a whole bag of Depends.

Me: Maybe you should just sit on a commode the entire drive.

GJR: [J.K. Rowling] doesn't need to make any more money. [That] bitch!

Me: Are these vines [on the house] fake?
GJR: Yes, they're fake just like my plastic dick.

For the first time, I sewed a button on a blazer, steamed clothes, wore booties, stepped into a commercial trailer and realized how much I may not want to participate in something so wearing out-tishly and tellingly meaningless like this again.


Aerial view of the shoot location
What ships out, must be shipped back!
Or sink in debt from rental fees!


How it all went down!
LOVE Catering made me accept squash and asparagus!
Stylist Matilda G.

Just realized the model on set (right) is the very chick on my desktop for
the Wildfox Couture SS 2012 lookbook

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The 3rd Annual Taste Awards (||]

Thursday's Taste Awards (pronounced tasty) may not have been as flawlessly cut with seat fillers, present awardees and editing, but the food and fashion fete celebrated its kind through exquisite tummy fillers and lady killers! 
The list goes on to much appreciated:
California wineries Peju and R&B Cellars, organic tequila Alquimia, VAD vodka, Mignon chocolate, Think Thin, Sartori Cheese and Shoop who served the savviest!
Fashion Police head writer Tony Tripoli, cooking show star Jolene Sugarbaker and fashion blogger Heather Petrey were among the standouts at The Egyptian Theater.
We met Albany, New Yorkers, Aussome tourists and salmon slider delivery challenges along the long and winding way back to the parking structure. One serving survived.

An ankh and arms that resemble an obscure butt

Ms. Heather Petrey

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Better dressed uncouple

The Drunk Chef


Let the games begin!

Mila Jovovich

Bitchin' kitchen

Speech on speed

As told by ginger

Cheese bloq

Sliders and salmon

Organic tekilla

Grey loosey Goosey

Totoro y wine

Ms. Jolene Sugarbaker

Alie & Georgia

Joan River's headwriter for Fashion Police, Tony Tripoli

The Egyptian Theater

The surviving slider

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I went to the Agenda trade show at the Long Beach Convention Center for buyers, sellers (Mishka-Palladium) and other fellers from Jan. 5-6. It was just as much of a networking event as it was a "where's-the-party-at?" kinda happening. I still can't answer that.

P.S. TY Boom Tho! for the tin lunchbox \o/