Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Noy, B, C and P Noy

Snagged some bags and sipped on some tea
The libelous (obscene and politically incorrect) possibilities are endless.
Sinead O' Conner Jr., is that you?
Miniature Asian boys give a 90 degree angle gesture. How complimentary!
ABS-CBN's Balitang America reporting for duty
As Coco extended his hand, I said, "[My hands are] Basa!"
The Power Ranger holds a fist of fury

I drove into Paramount Pictures and asked the ticket man where Raleigh Studios parking was, but with his allegiance to Paramount, he followed some code of silence. C’mon it’s common courtesy, so direct me to the Ra-Raleigh Studios!

Maybe I would have been better off lost, though. Kidding.

The Noy private screening was a manufactured Hollywood experience with the lesser knowns (insert names here), Ron Jeremy, Michael Copon and Poretics (to name the only familiar faces).

Coco Martin was held captive in the limo until the guests were forced to have some cake, drinks and fun!

To be honest, best of luck to Noy in getting an Academy nod for foreign film because I’ve seen better and more deserving Filipino films this year. I thought the docudrama didn't clearly present time, so the plot was random with an inundation of stillness to melodrama. Ron Jeremy even said he thought the the plot wasn't good enough, though the acting was great. "Of course everyone's going to say 'great film,'" he added. The use of music was a classic, though.

Before I left, I said goodbye to the star of the movie, who asked how old I was. "How old do I look?!" I said with four goodie bags hung on my arm (it's not all for me).

It’s a blessing and a parusa that I’m always the youngest person at events because it makes me want to work harder so that I won't end up in limbo.

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