Sunday, January 9, 2011

A few minor characters are composites. Except for family members, public figures and Dwayne, identities have been scrambled

Belated Happy 21st Anniversary to my beautiful mother and very sociable father (ha ha!). Two things I unfortunately did not inherit. I, however, was raised to be an independent thinker, and look at me now: a weirdo. This post is the least and only thing I could ever do for the two. But I love my parents!

This isn't the best selection of photos, but rather a random assortment of photos that gives a little look into their years together from their Long Beach Polytechnic High School years to now. Click here to read a piece.

A Singapore stop during a 2010 Southeast Asia and China tour
Why is there a tear and why is Bee Gees inscribed on the corner?

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