Wednesday, April 9, 2014 now streaming online

Two French foreign exchange students named Jacques stir up a California high school in the present day. Their heavy accents not only cause a commotion, but confusion for the rest of the students. Both Jacques infuse their caviar-eating, bidet-using selves into the classrooms and lockerrooms, leaving them in charge but alienated.

Here are the looks in the web series comédie, styled par moi. Think retro meathead.

For the rest of les séries directed by Kai Crouse and Eric Gross, visit Think character, slapstick. It's more cutesy than anything.

P.S. After a few takes, it was too difficult to take the scenes seriously. 

On tandem. In harem. We trust.
A.P.C. jacket in the back, as well as my tubby self. the crew.

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