Friday, February 7, 2014

BTS: A collaboration w/ photographer Jorden Keith ft. Taja (Wilhelmina)

An undisclosed area in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don't do it!

My five-month mark in styling may have wended away, but the gigs continue to keep me on my (linty) toes. As I looked down 14 stories onto Broadway while helping out photographer Jorden Keith, I realized how life isn't all too bad. But it is. But it isn't overall. Mercury Retrograde (lost a debit card, cited a street sweeping ticket, broke two old cells, charger burned, a buddy was vague in project directions, among other tragedies).

Overall, the year is starting off slow as ever. At the pace I'm going, it seems as if I've already completed a year's worth of work through writing, styling, loitering. I'm so blessed to be working with local tastemakers, multidimensional beings, formidable characters, movers and shakers. And it just keeps going on. My days are carefully curated, so to finally speak.

With Downtown Los Angeles quickly developing, it seems like there's really hope for the metro area, too! 

Everything will be all right, but I really hope when they say the Big One, they mean the natural release of creative energy from these wonderful people.

Here's some behind-the-scenes photos of Jorden, one out of several dead pigeons and Taja (Wilhelmina) who is a fresh batch of Hilary Rhoda mixed with Bambi Northwood.