Sunday, September 15, 2013

BTS: Hannah K. (Vision L.A.)

Friday the 13th on September 2013 at The Brewery and L.A. River

Delinting, disrobing
Golden time
On point..and shoot
A local slides through a hole for easy access
An Asian mob
Don Cheadle? I loved you in Manic.
The harpist distributes his cards
Hamburger helper blues

It's my first month of styling. I can confidently say I have a long ways to go, despite 15 years of taste refinement. I may have easily surpassed my Comic Sans MS and butterfly-print capris days in '00. However, I still have to keep pace with everything in the fashion industry from the latest AY Not Dead collection to Stevie Dance's latest editorial.
Last Friday's shoot with Brandon L. went swimmingly well at the sketchy L.A. River doe. The Vision Los Angeles model Hannah K. is what I refer to as a sweetheart, dark child.. anything, but a ninny twerp.

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