Monday, August 26, 2013

Q&A with Karl William

Karl William Wandahl, who goes by Karl William, discusses his R&B sound, the rising music scene in Denmark's second largest city and his favorite animal the monkey

“[Monkeys] act like adult humans, just more childish,” says 18-year-old William.

The Danish singer is barely legal and comprehensible (during some parts of the interview). However, if you read on and listen to his music, you'll understand why his EP is highly anticipated this September.
Karl William

Are you behind the vocals and the beats?
I do the vocals myself, but I have a great network of producers. I started playing drums, but realized singing is better for me. Shower practicing, you know! 

Who are your producers?
My producers are Tais and Orbit Crew! They have made all the beats for my EP. It's coming soon! 

Since your lyrics are in your native tongue Danish, can you translate a line for us?
It’s very hard to describe it in English. I love when people talk in pictures (metaphorically), so my favorite line’s gotta be with "Ukendt Kunstners" and” “Guld og diamanter/Gold 'n Diamonds." It translates to: "It’s that weak light from a light chain in a window of a barbecue grill." There’s something in that line that just gets me. I don’t know why.

When is the EP coming out?
I hope by next month, but it’s not easy to find out how I’m gonna do it! 

Do you have any musical influences? 
We are about to build up a crew of new artists in Aarhus, Denmark. We are all in the process of making a new sound for the Danish music scene. We are not trying to get a special sound out of it, but we just made one.

Here's William's music video for "Kostumeramt" released last June. 
The song will be one of the four tracks to appear on his upcoming EP.

For more info. on Karl William, visit his Facebook page here.

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