Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A mesquitely skewed view of ATX

Passing California, Arizona, New Mexico to Texas from July 19-26

If you want to take the highway of stereotypes, then inaccurately picture Austin and its tumbleweed drylands inhabited by hokey pokeys armed with pistols.
For Toni and I, we took the long 21-hour route in attempt to experience the state capital for ourselves.
In one week, I not only became familiarized with the pronouciation of the city's nickname ATX, but also discovered that the city has everything you could possibly need. 
Armadillo roadkill, not-so-Great-tailed Grackles, tailgaters, holey rocks, cacti, oak trees, estate sales, Waffle Houses, Pho, huge water cups, grapefruit jugs, H-E-B, a dam, dried out creeks, running rivers, kind-heartedly gifted souls, transnationals, multiverses AND most importantly.. parking!  There isn't a Trader Joe's in sight, but even that's coming soon.
I'm blessed to have messed with Texas cos now I feel a bit more little and big.


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