Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BIL Conference at the Queen Mary

Queen Mary, Long Beach on March 3-5, 2012

Meet TED's younger brother BIL. He's more rebellious, so don't expect him to apply some deodorant. His hair is green, purple, grey, just anything but virgin hair. He's actually a she, or is he?
Anyway, as many talks as there were going on, my heart was not that into BIL. Heck, even TED doesn't do it for me anymore.
Realistically speaking, the BIL Conference was enchanting with scheduled guest speakers discussing subjects from sex to space. The more affordable and accessible, the more diverse!
Some of the topics were remedial and introductory, such as that on the topic of privilege, but some talks were compensated by open discussions. The three-day fete package came with lunch, as well as all you can drink Zico and Activate Water.
It was a chill time basking amidst an unidentifiable crowd of mainly open-minded masses. The end.

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