Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Asia: Thailand

In Thailand I got to see King Rama XI posing in every poster in every street corner, trannies breast-choking male audience members, elephants massaging participants' peanuts, lesbians occupying ambiguously labeled restrooms, and so many other beautiful sites. I'll post Singapore photos some other time.. and the rest.

Sad to say my first purchase was not from a lady boy service house
Burt Reynolds has Asian flavors
Who really was the main attraction here, Bam Bam?
Take that Juergen Teller!
Uh, where's your right fibula?
Tiffany's & Co.
Italian chandelier
Because diving boards just won't finish you off
My people of Asia.. travel-size, I tell you
Lady boy
Even wood get lady boy transplants
Peanut's breath
The funniest tour guide ever!
His pose kills (Pacman)
Courtesy of The Red Shirts
View from Biyoke
View from Biyoke
Children pear
Child labour
Two demons and a monkey
Frozen pops
A testament to how maneuverably savvy Asians are (pt. 1/5)
Terminally ill in the mind

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