Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time takes its toll


  When looking back at my life in 2009, I feel a la Lester Burnham (American Beauty), but slightly less peeved and more alive than ever. If only some things didn't cancel out other events, than this year would have reigned supreme among the rest. But you know, some things just have to be changed.
  It's like crumpling up a piece of paper with ideas that just didn't cut it. Oh, then badly missing the wastebasket. No one can just press reset and hope that everything will start over. And no, I'm not talking about a Y2k bug or anything. Like the piece of trash, unfavorable memories remain, sort of like rollover minutes. On the other hand, I technically wouldn't have much experience with rollover minutes because I never answer my calls. I should, though. That's one resolution for me, as well as these: 

Weed out real buddies. You are my best fiend.
Don't apologize so much. Sorry, but I'm not going to be sorry '10.
Throw everything away. All the baggage in my life, bad trip.
Have a sleeping pattern. So I won't be mistaken for Anne Frank.
Don't be fluent in sarcasm. Even though it wards off all the evil.
Attain more knowledge. Obtain more knowledge.
Travel more. Customs, not the culture, but the airport hassle.
Stop bad habits. I've been saying The Pledge of Allegiance while picking my lips, since five.
Live in the moment, still. Carpe diem, me ineptum.
Be healthy. Detox.

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